My inspiration for this lookbook came from one of my favourite Fashion Bloggers ASHLEY BROOKE who creates flipbook style magazines, available to download every month at LifebyHer. Her irreplaceable style and eye for fashion sets a high level for all fashion bloggers to reach. As she is a true inspiration for all of us, I can only work as hard as Ashley and hope that one day my fashion taste will reach out to you as well as hers.


Today, I would like to introduce you to my first edition where I am featuring fashionable, wearable denim pieces. I have created 4 different looks for different occasions. This lookbook is completely free and available to download in two languages: DENIM LOOKBOOK-English or DENIM LOOKBOOK-Polish language


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“FASHION IS AN INSTANT LANGUAGE”-MIUCCIA PRADA Most memorable moments from my childhood are when I was cuddled up in the armchair watching my mum designing beautiful pieces in her studio. I knew instantly what path I will choose in my life. I have started to create my own clothes when I was about 12 years old, always trying to express myself through different designs. I will always admire this little girl once I have been, who had amazing courage and positive outlook at the world. But the only truly person I should thank for, is my Mum who without I would have never known fashion so well without. Thank you. Joanna

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