Jacquard temptation


If you were to ask me How do I shop?Β my answer would always be “with my heart”. When I am about to enter a fashion store I feel like the whole world just stops. I do not hear any conversations near by, only me and fashion exist at this moment. It is overwhelming and always makes me feel like it’s a new beginning. While I am searching through endless racks I will look for a unique piece that will draw my attention with its texture or pattern and this zara skirtΒ is one of those pieces.4

Jacquard fabric gives a luxurious feel and the bow detail ads an interesting finishing touch.Β 3

One of my rules is that if an item speaks for itself, let it be. Therefore I chose a plain colour palette to compliment this skirt but still kept it interesting with a necklaceΒ and frill sleeve top from River Island.Β 5


This bagΒ is such a win for the last few seasons and I can not get enough of it.Β 6

I would love to know HOW DO YOU SHOP? What gives you butterflies? Do you have any secret destinations that you would like to share with me? Please write in the comments below. Thank you for visiting and I will see you soon.20170618_170550-02



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β€œFASHION IS AN INSTANT LANGUAGE”-MIUCCIA PRADA Most memorable moments from my childhood are when I was cuddled up in the armchair watching my mum designing beautiful pieces in her studio. I knew instantly what path I will choose in my life. I have started to create my own clothes when I was about 12 years old, always trying to express myself through different designs. I will always admire this little girl once I have been, who had amazing courage and positive outlook at the world. But the only truly person I should thank for, is my Mum who without I would have never known fashion so well without. Thank you. Joanna

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